ToolReg Pressure Regulator Provides Constant Pressure For Tools

The ToolReg is able to supply a constant and exact pressure.

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Able to be mounted on any pneumatic tool or installed in a
compressed air system, the ToolReg from Compressed Air Australia is an independent piston

of the input pressure, the ToolReg is able to supply a constant and exact

渄ynamic pressure waste

  • Factory set pressure
  • Relieves the residual pressure in the tool
  • Unintentional actuation of the tool is prevented

To ensure correct pressure, the ToolReg must be mounted directly on the
pneumatic tool.

ToolReg is suitable for situations in which small amounts of compressed air
are required

  • Pneumatic tools i.e. nailers and tackers
  • Furniture, construction and precision engineering trades
  • Piping and compressed air solutions
  • Compressed air used in automation for actuation
  • Pick and place unites in automatic assembly systems
  • Control, feeding or transportation

ToolReg is an economical way to maintain the ideal working pressure in the
tool. Removing the chance of 淒ynamic pressure waste , the ToolReg saves money
and energy. 

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