Inflatable Walls from Giant Inflatables Industrial

With internationally award winning designs, Giant Inflatable Industrial create inflatable walls that are essentially self-supporting structures.

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With internationally award winning designs, Giant Inflatables Industrial create inflatable walls that are essentially self-supporting structures.

For control or modification of a space, inflatable walls are
available for a range of uses and solutions

  • Inflatable partitions
  • Inflatable space dividers
  • Inflatable Closers
  • Inflatable Quarantine Walls
  • Inflatable Billboards
  • Inflatable Screens
  • Inflatable Barriers
  • Inflatable sound barriers and attenuators
  • Self-supporting inflatable structures

All inflatable walls are built to client specifications and
can be created using clear and transparent materials they come with a range of

  • Allow for a better utilisation of space
  • Save on heating and cooling costs
  • Improved lighting conditions
  • Increased user comfort
  • Decreased turnover of leases
  • Higher returns on investment
  • Extended usage seasons

For quiet and uninstructive additions to space in a way that
evokes design freedom and effective and economic choice, the inflatable walls
from Giant Inflatables Industrial are the ideal product. 

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