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HYDAC is your reliable partner for various
hydraulic pumps and motors. We offer pumps in numerous designs and pressure for
a variety of hydraulic applications and systems. Among the types, you can find
gear, screw, vane and piston pumps.

HYDAC hydraulic pumps give you better
performance and efficiency. As an example of that, we offer the hydraulic screw
pump, which is suitable for industrial applications where there are
requirements for high reliability and low noise.

Moreover, HYDAC pumps serve in almost all
industries worldwide. The main sectors of application are industrial
hydraulics, mobile technology, and process technology. Indeed, in industrial
hydraulics we can find several examples of typical application; for instance,
the steel industry, power plants, paper industry and wind energy use the axial
piston pumps as a standard drive concept.

What more, we manufacture our screw pumps
locally, and can provide you with the necessary hydraulic pump motor to ensure
optimal performance.


Learn more about hydraulic
pumps and motors.

Course: Maintain Hydraulics
2One of the topics covered: External gear pump

Anatomy of a gear pump, including: shafts and mounting patterns,
displacement calculations and left and right hand models.

#Course: Intermediate
Hydraulics 3One of the topics covered: Pump controls
Stripping and re-assembly of a pressure compensated axial piston pump,
including an in depth look at the internal components: pressure compensation,
remote control, load sensing control and power control.

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