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A range of connectors offered from Treotham.

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Treotham Automation offer a range of industrial connectors
including: Rectangular multiple connectors from ILME, Circular connectors specifically for the entertainment/stage lighting
industry from Socapex, Single pole Powerline connectors from TEN47, M23 circular connectors from Hummel. 

Ilme connectors

Ilme connectors are suited to the toughest requirements in
industrial environments


  • Applications
    requiring a safe and removable electrical connection
  • Railway and wind energy applications
  • PLUSO and headers, tails and looms for lighting and entertainment industry

ILME offer a range of special enclosures :

  • Housings to suit flat ribbon cables
  • Cable passing hoods to accept multiple cables
  • In-line joints
  • T-Box coupling enclosure

ILME has a range of accessories including ground terminals for shielded cables, self-centering floating frames, coding pins, bridges for Start or Delta connections and reduction plates. They also have a range of high quality crimping tools
for manual crimping as well as pneumatic crimping.  

Socapex connectors

    • Headers, tails and looms
    • Socapex SL61 connectors are the standard in the
      stage lighting and entertainment industry.
    • Socapex is now worldwide known as the major
      connector manufacturer for entertainment applications

Powerline connectors

    • Powerline single pole connectors are used in
      lighting distribution panels. Typical applications include outdoor concerts,
      theatres, television outdoor broadcasts.

M23 connectors

    • M23 connectors and receptacles for signal and
      power applications are used in the harshest of industrial environments.

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