hainflex Energy Chain Cables from Treotham for Use in Extreme Installation Conditions

hainflex Energy Chain Cables from Treotham are specially manufactured for use in energy chains, ensuring long life, high flexibility and reliability.


Chainflex Energy Chain Cables from Treotham are specially
manufactured for use in energy chains. The unique designs ensure long life even
under the most extreme installation conditions as well as high flexibility and

Chainflex Cables
feature many unique design elements that ensure that they are the ideal
solution in a range of applications

  • Advances in automation technology have demanded
    high flexible energy chain cables be more reliable
  • Specially manufactured for use in energy chains

Treotham has an extensive range of chainflex cables including:

Control Cables

  • PVC control cables for medium to high load applications
  • PUR control cables that are extremely resistant to oils and chemicals
  • TPE control cables for the most demanding applications of maximum loads, high and low temperatures, extremely tight bending radius and bio-oil resistant

Data cables

  • Available with layered or twisted pairs
  • Overall screening or individual and overall screening options

Bus cables

  • CAT5e and CAT6, CAN-Bus, Profibus, DeviceNet, Fieldbus, Profinet, Interbus, Fire Wire, DVI cables.

Fibre optic cables

  • Greater data security and maximum EMC protection
  • Can usually be used to operate any bus system

Measurement/encoder system cables

  • For encoders, techno feedback, incremental feedback and many more measurement systems
  • Suitable for drive technology suppliers equipment

Servo cables

  • Suitable for drives of all types (especially motors with frequency inverters) due to low capacitcance
  • Ideal for use in drag chains in the harshest operating environments and with aggressive coolants and lubricants

Power cables

  • For maximum stress
  • PVC, TPE, multi-core and single-core
  • For high speeds and accelerations

Robot cables

  • For 3D applications
  • For cables with a torsional stress of 180 per 1m cable length
  • Many different types of cables including hybrid, fibre optic, motor, servo, measuring system and control cables
  • Capable of torsion, hydrolysis and UV resistance

Drive cables

  • For drive technology suppliers
  • Highly flexible for high stress, speeds and acceleration

Treotham Automation is a leading supplier of high quality
components and products to industrial markets, with a broad capacity to provide
systems and solutions for numerous industries.

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