The testo 770 clamp meter with revolutionary

Taking accurate current
measurement can be difficult when dealing with the wrong tools or a challenging
workspace. Placing your trust in a machine requires it to deliver reliable
results, regardless of the conditions.

To solve both of these
problems, Testo has released the testo 770 clamp meter range. The
revolutionary design overcomes the issue seen by so many other clamp meters;
standard clamping makes it incredibly difficult to move when cables are in
close proximity to each other.

With the testo 770 range,
the clamp mechanism features a sliding leg – allowing users to avoid touching
cables – and uses the hook-clamp design to provide factual, safe results.

Precise and automatic readings

The testo 770 range features
an auto-mode where the user is able to select the automatic recognition
and adjustment of AC/DC voltage and current. This provides the automatic
recognition of resistance, diode or capacitance, while a manual select button
allows the user to force the device into a specific manual mode when

The testo 770 also provides
clear results, with the display of the 770 range nearly 50 per cent larger than
other competitive brands.

“Accurate current measurement is at the heart of
the testo 770 family”.

Accurate current measurement is at the heart of the testo 770
family. While averaging meters will only record the ideal voltage that often
never appears in actuality, a true root mean square (TRMS) reading includes the
real-world voltage, providing an increase of accuracy over an averaging meter
by up to 40 per cent.

The testo 770 family

The testo 770 range
proves to be incredibly viable for contractors, with the entire 770 family
promoting exciting features. All testo 770 clamp meters are equipped with
Inrush current measurement – the higher-than-normal current experienced
when motors are started.

In every gas-based heating
system, there are flame rods that control the burner ignition. The testo 770-2
and 770-3 provide accurate reading of these rods’ parameters – a crucial
process for the business of heating contractors.

Not only that, the 770-3
also provides Bluetooth functionality, offering the ability to share clamp
meter values across other devices such as thermal imagers. This also
allows users to analyse values on the Testo Smart Probes App and send

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