Save energy with engineered super air nozzles

Compressed Air Australia has introduced a new range of engineered super
air nozzles from EXAIR, designed to reduce energy use.

Industries looking for inexpensive ways to blowoff, cool or dry may
consider putting together a series of copper tubes connected to a compressed
air line. However, when compressed air blasts straight out of the pipe or tube,
it leads to wastage of huge amounts of air. Worse, it also violates OSHA noise
and dead-ended pressure requirements.

Saving compressed air can be as simple as replacing basic blowoffs or
inexpensive air nozzles that are loud and inefficient with a super air nozzle
of an appropriate size. Consult with Compressed Air Australia for assistance
with model selection.

By upgrading to the new super air nozzles, you can save substantially
through lower energy consumption and drastically reduced noise levels.

Upgrade to energy saving nozzles

Super Air Nozzles and Safety Air Guns available from Compressed Air Australia help reduce
excessive air consumption, energy use and noise during compressed air blowoff

EXAIR’s air nozzles and jets produce outlet flows up to 25 times of compressed
air consumption using a small amount of compressed air as the power source, thereby
providing significant savings on energy usage.

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