Dry, clean or cool with EXAIR’s new 3/8″ Super Air Wipe

EXAIR introduces the new 3/8-inch Super Air Wipe designed to blow off, dry,
clean or cool material with a 360¡ airstream. The Super Air Wipe features a
split design that can be clamped around continuously moving material such as
wire, cable, pipe, hose and extruded shapes.

The 3/8″ Super Air Wipe ejects a small amount of compressed air through
a thin slotted nozzle that pulls in high volumes of surrounding room air; the airflow
is uniformly ejected from 360¡ of its inner diameter.

EXAIR’s 3/8″ Super Air Wipe is designed for flexible use: Coupling
brackets that hold each half of the 3/8″ Super Air Wipe together can be latched
or removed quickly. Additional shims can be installed if more blowoff force is
required. Air velocity can be varied with a pressure regulator and instant
on/off control provides precision blowoff.

Key features also include air consumption of 314 SLPM (11.1 SCFM) at 5.5
BAR (80 PSIG); low sound level at only 82 dBA; CE compliance; available in
aluminium and stainless steel options in diameters from 3/8″ (13mm) up to 4″ (102mm);
and larger diameters up to 11″ (279mm) available in aluminium.

EXAIR’s 3/8″ Super Air Wipe finds application in wiping wire, drying
inks, cooling hot extruded shapes, and blowoff of water, plating, coatings and

For more information, please visit the Compressed Air Australia website
or call 1300 787 688.

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