MF102-H-TSE World’s Best Hydraulic Training System

Bestech Australia introduces Fluid Power Training Institute’s MF102-H-TSE, the best Hydraulic Training System in the world.

Designed by renowned hydraulics instructor Rory McLaren, it helps students understand the principles of hydraulics and shows them applications of the various principles and theories taught throughout their education.

Students will be able to learn about fixed
displacement pump circuits, pressure-compensated pump circuits, as well as
load-sensing circuits all on one training system. It also contains six
directional control valves – three parallel industrial type, one series
industrial type, one cylindrical spool – centred mobile type and one motor
spool centred mobile type.

The system has an efficient and convenient
use of space and energy, and is merely 76 cm deep, by 122 cm wide, by 196 cm
high. It was designed to fit through a standard doorway. Exclusive to the
MF102-H-TSE is its Safe-T-Bleed safety system, which de-energizes and
air-bleeds hydraulic systems and components. It is the same lockout system used
in industry.

The MF102-H Hydraulic Training System comes
with everything that would be required to help students understand the
principles and theories of hydraulics.

Its key features are:

  • Pressure / leak testing –
    Teaches 95% of the components in a hydraulic system
  • Plug-and-play modules offer
    unlimited training flexibility
  • Electronic auto-fault insertion
  • Load-cycle capable

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