The Testo 755 the first and current voltage tester of its kind

For those in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry, a tool that offers total functionality across the entire range of measurement processes hasn’t existed;
until now.

The testo 755 family is the first current and
voltage tester range of its kind, offering the automatic measurement of
voltage, resistance and current. With these readings accounting for around 70
per cent of all HVAC contractor applications, having a single device that
doesn’t require the inclusion of additional tools for current calculation can
be of great assistance to HVAC professionals.

Automatic detection for error prevention

The testo 755 range does everything on its own – able to
detect the measurement objective of the user, the tool automatically takes
readings without the need for the operator to press anything. Both testo
755 products offer this automatic detection, giving dependable, accurate
readings and ensuring the prevention of selecting the wrong measurement type.

“The testo 755 range is
equipped with removable and replaceable test leads”.

According to the electrical standard EN
61243-3:2010, all voltage testers must provide the ability to detect
voltage even without battery power. To address this need, the testo 755
family is equipped with a special red LED, providing accurate and safe voltage
results at all times.

The testo 755-2 product also offers rotating
magnetic field testing and a voltage measurement range of up to 1,000 V –
with automatic recognition activating when a current reaches and exceeds 6 V.
Both the testo 755-1 and 755-2 provide current and resistance measuring up to
200 A and 100 kilohms, respectively.

Another feature of the testo 755 family lessens the
dangers posed to HVAC and other professionals when working around electricity
in darkened spaces. The inclusion of a built-in flashlight means that, even
when working in dark or poorly lit conditions, you can rely on the testo 755
for safe electrical readings.

replacement necessary

A common issue experienced when using a single tool
or product can be early erosion or damage. The testo 755 range is equipped
with removable and replaceable test leads – when the tips of these leads become
damaged, the user can simply order a replacement tip, rather than an entirely
new tool. This not only means you can still use the Testo 755, but not having
to purchase a replacement device will save on costs. 

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