Bansbach EasyE-line actuators – strong, compact and slimline

T.E.A. Transmissions introduces Bansbach EasyE-line, a new range of
in-line actuators featuring a strong, compact and slimline design.

The Bansbach EasyE-line features a linear layout of the motor, gear and
spindle. With an outer diameter of 35, 50 and 60 mm, the actuators fit into nearly
every design, especially in space restricted applications – offering forces up
to 10,000N.

The corresponding controllers define the role of the actuator. The
EasyE-line program provides a solution for a variety of engineering functions
including plug-and-play situations, or bonding of your SPS, the synchronic
adjustment of several cylinders or mobile battery power supplied operation.

The actuators offer varied standard stroke lengths within the range of
50mm – 750mm, with special strokes considered on request. The materials include
powder-coated steel, stainless steel 316L and aluminium components based on the

Key features of the Bansbach EasyE-line actuators also include protection
class IP66 as standard, or alternative IP68 and IP69 for harsh environments; varying
operating temperatures depending on the model: -20¡C to +70¡C (easyE-35 and
easyE-50), -20¡C to +50¡C (easyE-60); and storage temperature -40¡C to +70¡C.

These actuators find application in medical, pharmaceutical, food,
industry, and marine environments. Given the range of materials and protection
ratings available, there is a product to suit these varying environments.

Bansbach EasyE-line actuators

EasyE-35: Maximum force: 120 – 2200N; Speed: 3 – 33mm/s; Stroke: 50 –
750mm; Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC

EasyE-50: Maximum force: 500 – 4500N; Speed: 4 – 70mm/s; Stroke: 50 –
750mm; Voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC

Maximum force: 1900 – 10000N; Speed: 5 – 31mm/s; Stroke: 50 – 750mm; Voltage:

Please visit the T.E.A. Transmissions website for more information and explore
the online CAD configurator to realise your design for your unique application.

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