Textured HDPE for Playground Equipment & Exercise Stations Summer is here!

Outdoor exercise activities are an essential ingredient in council run parks and playgrounds.

Allplastics Engineering can provide your recreational projects with custom CNC Routered UV resistant Textured HDPE Shapes suitable for exercises and playground equipment. Unlike timber, HDPE will not rot or splinter over time and unlike steel it will not rust hence making it an ideal material to be used outdoors.

Foam Board is a unique alternative to traditional timber or rubber construction material. It’s a versatile material which is virtually indestructible, lightweight, waterproof while being rust, chemical and mould resistant.

PE Foam boards are largely used in outdoor applications given its durable material with great impact strength often making it ideal for animal enclosures, horse stables, sporting facilities and outdoor cabinetry and furniture. It has been certified safe for animal contact and will not emit odours like wood, so it is not attractive to chew.

With great machinability PE Foam Boards are easy to work with and can be cut, routered, drilled and mechanically fastened with standard hardware materials. Foam boards are also cost efficient as it does not require weather-proofing or maintenance like other common alternatives like timber.



●      UV Resistant

●      Machines like timber sheet

●      Environment friendly

●      Excellent screw retention

●      No PVC edge strip required

●      No painting required

●      Impact resistant

●      Can be cut on site without OH&S issues

●      Cabinetry

●      Animal safe for chewing


●      Animal Enclosures

●      Horse stables

●      Sports field panels

●      Mobile displays

●      Outdoor cabinets

●      Wall partitions

●      Display shelving

●      Kick boards

●      Outdoor furniture

●      Truck tray protector



Standard Colour Range:

●      Black & Light Grey

●      Custom colours are available on request

●      Sheets are coloured throughout.

Standard Sizes:

2440 x 1220mm


6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm & 19mm


Matte 2 sides


1 side


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