White Paper: Selecting the right linear bearing for your application

igus presents a new white paper on making the right choice of bearings
in various industrial applications.

Linear bearings are machine elements that perform a linear movement with
rolling or sliding elements transmitting the forces that occur. The white
paper, “When to use plastic linear bearings and linear guides or recirculating
ball systems?” compares two linear guide concepts: sliding on plastics as well
as rolling by means of rolling elements made of steel balls. Both linear plain
bearings and linear ball bearings take over guidance and positioning in classic
mechanical engineering as well as automation applications.

The white paper will provide a basis for making a decision regarding the
right choice of bearings between plastic plain bearings and rolling bearings
with steel balls, with the final choice depending on various factors including the
individual conditions of use such as what speeds are to be dealt with, how high
is the load that acts on the bearing, and which stroke lengths must be
completed, or the ambient conditions of the bearing such as the prevailing
temperature conditions or a potentially required dirt or media resistance.

Every linear technology has characteristic properties that are suitable
for specific bearing applications. Certain industrial requirements need
different linear guides. If machine elements have to work with millimetre
accuracy, and high precision and low friction are indispensable, then rolling
bearings should guide the linear movements. However, if accuracy plays a minor
role and factors such as dirt resistance, corrosion resistance or jerk-free
movements are required, a linear plain bearing made of high-performance plastic
is the first choice.

To learn more about the properties of igus’ plain bearings and rolling
bearings, and the need for correct bearing selection, please download the igus
white paper.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 02 9907 1788.

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