Protecting car showroom floors from tyre markings with polycarbonate pads

Allplastics Engineering presents polycarbonate pads designed to protect floors
in car showrooms against black tyre markings.

A hard, rigid thermoplastic material, polycarbonate combines high impact
strength with low deformation under load. With a strength that exceeds float
glass by 250 times, polycarbonate retains its shape and superior strength even
at elevated temperatures, leaving the floor completely unaffected under the
load of the vehicle.

Key benefits of polycarbonate also include sound electrical insulation
properties, exceptional tensile, shear and flexural strength, and ease of
machining and fabrication. These benefits make polycarbonate ideal for a wide
range of applications such as manufacturing electrical connectors, mining equipment
glazing, instrument covers, machine guards, noise barrier walls, safety
screens, roofs and greenhouses among many more.

Allplastics’ polycarbonate range includes PC UV Clear and Opal, PC UV
Texture and Pebble, PC UV Tube and Rod, Abrasion Resistant, PC Ballistic Grade,
PC Hardcoat Mirror, and Polycarbonate Machine Guard.

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