Custom clear polycarbonate machine guards ensuring workplace safety

Workplace safety is an important issue, especially in industrial
environments with operational machinery. Employees need to be protected when
they work in close proximity to machines; many industrial accidents can be
prevented by providing machinery with a proper guarding mechanism.

For industries such as food and beverage, materials handling, mining,
packaging and pharmaceuticals where operators need to see through machine guarding
without risking any injury to their fingers or hands, machine guards can be
supplied by Allplastics Engineering in clear polycarbonate panels.

Allplastics can cut, fabricate and CNC router clear polycarbonate panels
to create machine guards. Polycarbonate is an ideal material for the
application as it is 250 times the strength of normal glass and half its weight.

Key features of Allplastics clear polycarbonate panels include thickness
from 1mm to 12.7mm; Mar Resistant polycarbonate with special coating on both
surfaces to avoid marking, designed for use in heavy duty environments; outstanding
toughness; good chemical resistance to solvents and cleaners; good electrical
insulation; excellent weather-ability; and ability to withstand a temperature
range of -40¡C to +130¡C.

Allplastics clear polycarbonate panels are available in sheet sizes
measuring 2440mm x 1220mm and 2440mm x 1830mm.

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