Protect fire extinguishers in warehouses

Allplastics Engineering employs the unbreakable properties of
polycarbonate to fabricate a range of protective guards for fire extinguishers installed
in commercial and industrial buildings.

An essential safety requirement in diverse work environments, fire
extinguishers need to be serviced and maintained regularly to ensure smooth
operation in the event of a fire. However, fire extinguishers are often damaged
in environments such as warehouses when forklifts accidentally hit them,
rendering these fire safety devices unusable.

Factory and warehouse managers responsible for the proper working of
fire extinguishers in their facilities can now ensure complete protection with
the clear unbreakable polycarbonate guards from Allplastics Engineering.

A transparent, dimensionally stable engineering plastic, polycarbonate offers
high transparency and robust strength, making it suitable for a wide range of
applications. Makrolon, Lexan, Tufffak and Safeguard are some of the well-known
polycarbonate brands.

Clear unbreakable polycarbonate guards fabricated by Allplastics protect
fire extinguishers from forklifts but keep them visible to operators and staff
at all times.

According to a maintenance manager at a major pharmaceutical company in
Sydney, the polycarbonate guards make a dramatic improvement in the number of
hours lost due to damaged fire extinguishers as well as costs of replacing fire

Allplastics also fabricates custom dispensers, boxes, bins and safety
barriers for commercial and industrial facilities.

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