Introducing a new acrylic with the Onyx look

Allplastics Engineering introduces the Acrylic Onyx,
an exciting new addition to their range of architectural plastics for internal
applications. Offering all the features of acrylic and the look of Onyx, the
new material combines a light, elegant design with benefits such as formability,
high flexural strength, and a large variety of colours.

Acrylic Onyx stands out for its translucency, which brings
about a stylish finish to create a complementing atmosphere for internal applications.

With Allplastics, the material benefits are leveraged
to provide customers a selection of 7 textures (Firehorse, Golden Lantern,
Venus, Saturn, Storm, Sunburst, and Tidal Wave). Each texture is available in a
sheet size of 8mm x 2440mm x 1220mm (for projects 8mm x 3000mm x1220mm). Thicknesses
up to 30mm are available on demand.

LED lighting can be used with Acrylic Onyx to easily
change lighting conditions in the application by adding cool, neutral or warm
backlight tones. This feature enables designers and venue managers to create
the desired ambience for any occasion.

Acrylic Onyx can be used in a broad spectrum of internal
applications including bar fronts and tops, bathroom vanities, decorative
horizontal and vertical surfaces, hotel receptions, kitchen splashbacks, table
tops with lighting, as well as wall features.

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