Custom PLEXIGLAS windows for pools and aquariums

Allplastics Engineering introduces PLEXIGLAS pool and aquarium windows
to the New South Wales market.

The custom made clear PLEXIGLAS pool and aquarium range comes complete
with pool walls, portholes, curved panels, pool windows, acrylic spas, L-shaped
panels and stunning wet and infinity edges.

Made from PLEXIGLAS, one of the world’s most versatile plastics, the
high quality acrylic is approximately 17 times stronger than glass and 50%
lighter with more impact resistance and safety, and optically superior as well.

PLEXIGLAS offers 20 per cent more insulation and is far more versatile
thanks to bonding, thermoforming and annealing techniques. These acrylic sheets
come with the assurance of ‘no visible yellowing’ for 30 years.

Please visit PLEXIGLAS Pool & Aquarium Windows for more information.

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