Custom made PVC gutters for carparks and building sites

Builders involved in multi-storeyed developments are often faced with
the challenge of water aggregation on their sites.

Allplastics Engineering fabricates custom white or grey PVC gutters or
channels to suit the specific situation on site, assisting builders and
plumbing contactors implement the right solution for minimising the problem.

As a material, PVC demonstrates good chemical resistance and impact
strength, and can be glued or welded on site if required.

While white PVC is a discreet solution if the surrounding walls are painted
white, grey PVC can be used to blend with concrete walls and cement renders,
and achieve an industrial look if required.

Allplastics can also fabricate clear acrylic or PVC gutters or viewing
columns if the application requires transparency. Allplastics’ fabrication
division can manufacture custom made tanks, hoods, scrolling towers, plating
tanks, fume cupboards and storage vessels among many more.

Key advantages of PVC include excellent
electrical properties, good machining, thermoformable and solvent cementable properties,
low moisture resistance, and high chemical resistance.

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