Colourful selection of PERSPEX and PLEXIGLAS transforms Sydney office

Allplastics Engineering supplied a colourful selection of PERSPEX Frost panels and
PLEXIGLAS Satinice sheets for a commercial building refurbishment by Richard
Crookes Construction in Sydney.

at 165 Philip Street in Sydney’s CBD, the building went through extensive
refurbishment including alterations and additions; facade restoration works to the
Philip Street and Elizabeth Street frontages; internal building upgrades; new
office fitout; and provision of new retail space and restaurants to be fitted
out by future tenants.

Design Studio chose several colours for the project including Glacier Green
Frost, Slate Grey and Arctic Blue for the PERSPEX panels as well as Pine for
the PLEXIGLAS Satinice range.

level of the building features its unique combination of colours with stunning

Frost and PLEXIGLAS Satinice were chosen for their matt surface texture, which
minimises risk of finger-marks, as well as the assurance of a 10-year warranty.
These products from Allplastics eliminated the need for the project managers to
apply film on glass or clear acrylic for similar results.

Manager Marko Neskoski commented, “We are very happy with the achieved outcome
and thank the Allplastics team for their cooperation in delivering a bespoke
result with challenging deadlines.”

FROST and PLEXIGLAS Satinice colours work well in combination with natural as
well as commercial lighting to spectacularly transform a project.

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