Acrylic water tanks fabricated for CSU lab

Allplastics Engineering was engaged by the Charles Sturt University to
fabricate several water tanks in acrylic for their engineering laboratory.

The Allplastics fabrication team fabricated these acrylic water tanks to
suit the application and requirements demanded of the laboratory. The tanks have
been performing optimally ever since their installation.

The tanks are currently being used to demonstrate a water filtration
system. As the water moves from one tank to another, the engineering students can
view the filtration process through the clear optical grade acrylic of the
tanks with nothing to obstruct their view.

The clear acrylic construction of the water tanks is an important part
of the learning process as it allows the students to observe the clarity of the
water as it advances through the various levels of filtration, enabling them to
make adjustments as needed. The material also needed to be lighter than glass,
since the classroom hosted a number of students, and the tank was constantly
being relocated.

Allplastics’ acrylic water tanks have proven to be an invaluable
teaching tool for the laboratory.

Allplastics Engineering can fabricate, cut, machine and glue a diverse
range of acrylics and polycarbonates for a wide spectrum of applications and
industries. These include scientific research, water treatment and monitoring,
exhibitions and displays, mining and exploration, furniture, and much more.

Some of the advantages of Allplastics’ acrylic
water tanks include trouble-free and leak-proof performance; lightweight
construction with greater durability than glass; simple cleaning and
maintenance; easy application of glue to acrylic surface compared to glass; and
clear acrylic allowing students to view the filtration process.

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