Get special parts made from 50 iglidur high-performance plastics

Lubrication and maintenance-free parts for moving
applications can now be produced in small batches using custom-made 3D-printed
injection moulding tools from motion plastics specialist igus. href=”#CompanyLink:ID130904#”>Treotham offers their
customers the option to get these special parts made by choosing from the
entire range of 50 iglidur high-performance plastics for use in high load, food
contact, underwater or heat applications.

Injection-moulded, printed or machined from bar stock,
lubrication-free parts such as gears or plain bearings can be obtained by
customers quickly and cost-effectively. Users can also address difficult
technical challenges quickly by means of a 3D-printed mould as well as the
tried and tested iglidur materials.

Producing injection moulds from steel is comparatively
expensive, takes longer and is only feasible for large quantities. However, special
Tribo solutions can be produced in desired quantities with a 3D-printed mould
quickly, helping achieve up to 80 per cent cost savings in production.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation Pty Ltd website,
or phone 02 9907 1788.

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