DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard Transparent Acrylic Noise Barriers

Allplastics Engineering are proud to have been chosen as a distributor of the DONCHAMP® range of Acrylics which includes the DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard noise barrier transparent acrylic panel range, within Australia.

The exponential growth in highway and bridge infrastructure projects across the Australian continent has resulted in tremendous demand for noise abatement solutions.

In today’s urban environment noise abatement and mitigation are indispensable requirements for motorways, tunnels and bridges, which are in close proximity to residential and commercial precincts. Traditional timber and concrete noise barriers often have unfavorable visual impact, both for residents and road users, who may experience a “tunnel” effect.

In Australia, various road and transport authorities are proposing the use of clear or tinted coloured transparent noise barriers for key projects.

Shatter resistant options are available by the embedding of a filament within the DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard (FSR – Filament Shard Retention) transparent panel, with the further additional benefit of preventing bird strikes.

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard cast acrylic is a specially designed & developed acrylic grade, which is highly weather resistant (30-year Clear limited manufacturer’s warranty), excellent clarity & optical properties, exceptional mechanical properties & rigidity, simple to fabricate (cut, bend & polish), whilst reducing the environmental noise pollution levels & hazardous high winds from roads, highways, bridges & rails.

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard the perfect solution for noise/acoustic & wind barrier applications:


  • Strength / mechanical properties.
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Superior optical properties.
  • Excellent noise reflection values.
  • High rigidity.
  • Dimensionally stability.
  • Exceptional UV stability (manufacturers guarantees available).
  • Light weight.

Grades Available:

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard

(Gloss surface finish)


(Filament Shard Retention)

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard Velvet

(Satin finish 1 or 2 sides)


(Solid/low transparency gloss/satin finish)

Specialty Properties – DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard (FSR):


▪ Specially formulated, with filament protection embedment.

▪ Shatter resistant with the addition of our IP developed filament embedment.

▪ Fragment shard retention system further enabling safety for the travelling public.

▪ Built-in visible lines to protect bird strikes, ensuring the safety of the native birdlife.

▪ 30 Year clear manufacturer’s limited UV warranty against yellowing & discoloration.

▪ Certified by MFPA Leipzig to European standard (EN1793, EN 1794) & ZTV-Lsw 06.

▪ Excellent light transmission & optical clarity.

▪ Superior finish (no manufacturing lines, distortion, refraction & inclusions).

▪ Easy to shape/thermoform into cosmetically pleasing curves.

▪ High surface hardness (as opposed to other plastic polymers)

▪ Approx. 11 times more break resistant than glass.

▪ Light weight (approx. half the weight of glass).

▪ 100% recyclable product.

▪ Available in a range of contemporary design colours.

▪ Light surface marks can be easily polished out.

▪ Unique & excellent safety benefits for high traffic & high winds areas.

The combination of both the functional and visual attractions, makes DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard panels an excellent choice for acoustic / wind barrier applications on highways, bridges, & railways. The transparency of the panels opens the landscape for the road/rail user, whilst offering sound control and protection to the public (both residents and road users). DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard also can be easily transported, having approx. 11 times the break resistance of glass & considerably lower weight. Any light surface marks on DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard can be polished & marks removed.

DONCHAMP® NoiseGuard through its unique manufacturing process has one of the highest transparent substrate surface hardness, enabling ease of use in numerous commercial applications.

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