CNC Routing of Engineering Plastics

CNC routing refers to the process of electro-manually cutting, carving or engraving materials. Here at Allplastics, our team is equipped with the latest CNC Routing technology. We can transform simple sheets into creative and elaborate designs to suit your personal interior and exterior project needs.

With our industry leading streamlined service, you can email your drawings directly for our team to promptly input. Hard copies as well as DXF, EPS and DWG formats are suitable. Next, our routers, of 3m x 2m and 2440 x 1220 table sizes, swiftly craft your customised designs. This process can be implemented upon on a wide variety of materials including Polycarbonate, Acrylic, Perspex etc.

CNC is innovative in its ability to provide a uniform and consistent finish across production. As a result, this production process is highly effective in producing quality goods for architectures, interiors, design and more.

Kindly contact our team, we’re more than happy to answer your enquires!

Email: sales@allplastics.com.au

Phone: 02 8038 2000

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