Anti seismic mini anti vibration mounts for small load applications

Vibration Solutions presents a range of failsafe anti vibration mounts
capable of withstanding seismic environments in small load applications.

These anti-seismic anti vibration mounts from AMC-Mecanocaucho extend
and complete the actual range of Vibrabsorber+Sylomer spring mounts for seismic
applications involving loads ranging from 25kg to 400kg.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho type anti seismic mini anti vibration mounts are
designed to provide excellent vibration isolation on applications in seismic

This latest range also follows the design of the rest of the anti
seismic anti vibration mounts with features such as external armour equipped
with elastomeric buffers to avoid metal-to-metal contact during lateral
collisions; and anti-traction bolts that prevent the mount from disassembling
in case of traction loads when machines are being transported with the mounts.

The anti vibration mounts also feature the Vibrabsorber internal double
inverted cone to prevent spring coil contact when overloading while adding extra
damping to the system.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho type anti seismic mini anti vibration mounts are
used in applications with low disturbing frequency, and where high vibration
isolation is required on seismic zones. These include HVAC equipment, generator
sets, ventilation systems and pumps.

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