New HVLS fans developed for use in industrial and commercial areas

Hurll Nu-Way presents HVLS low speed fans designed
specifically for use in industrial and commercial environments.

The low speed design of HVLS fans allows a
greater volume of air to be moved utilising limited energy, resulting in
savings on energy bills. The versatile industrial fans can either be used in
standalone applications or in collaboration with heating and cooling systems.

fans reduce energy costs by 20%-30%

When working alongside cooling systems, HVLS ceiling
fans make use of the cool air from air conditioners to improve the evaporative
effect on the skin. Once the cooling system is run for a few hours, these fans
will keep the cool air flowing inside the space, giving the air conditioners
more time to rest and saving energy for the establishment, especially on hot
summer days.

Even during winter, HVLS industrial fans work with
heating systems, pushing the trapped air downwards to instantly warm up the
space, and saving extra run-time on the system. Their wing tips are especially
designed to throw the air downwards, which keeps it from gathering at the
ceiling level.

HVLS fan by SkyBlade is enough for a 900m_ warehouse!

The extreme efficiency of HVLS ceiling fans by
SkyBlade ensures a single fan is more than sufficient to provide good
circulation of air in a 900m_ warehouse. The slow movements of the fan help push
a large amount of air downwards, making the space more airy while consuming
minimal energy.

fans are a perfect fit for warehouses, places of worship or retail facilities

The high versatility of HVLS fans allows their use in
diverse environments. Additionally, the high cost-saving and energy-saving
potential of these fans makes them suitable for industrial users seeking to reduce
energy consumption and minimise their carbon footprint.

HVLS fans have high utility value and can be used to
execute multiple tasks including removing water build-up on floors to eliminate
safety hazards; and protecting walls and ceilings from developing rust, mould,
bacteria and mildew, avoiding renovation costs. The highly innovative STOL
technology allows these fans to work without any noise or disturbance.

Industrial facilities looking for the complete package
in a ceiling fan can get HVLS fans by SkyBlade.

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