HVAC R mechanics can use smartphones to test refrigeration systems

HVAC R mechanics typically require expensive instruments to accurately gauge refrigerant levels, measure carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and gather other data. In some cases, technicians are still using analogue refrigerant gauges, requiring them to record information on paper.

There are literally millions of apps available through the Android and iOS stores. Mobile devices are delivering conveniences the human race has never encountered before. To take advantage of the technology, Testo Australia released a line of Smart Probes that connect directly to smartphones and tablets.

Bringing refrigeration to the mobile user

According to a 2014 survey of 2,000 Australians by Deloitte, almost 50 per cent of the nation’s smartphone owners check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up. It’s a testament to just how much such devices have become a part of our lives.

Many young HVAC R professionals likely subscribe to the same habits. Two of Testo’s smart probes, the testo 115i and the testo 549i, are specifically designed to accommodate those working with refrigeration systems. Via Bluetooth, the instruments send data to users’ smartphones or tablets, enabling them to view and analyse the information through the Smart Probes App.

The 549i is a high pressure meter that assists professionals in servicing, installing and troubleshooting both A/C and refrigeration systems. Requiring no hoses whatsoever, mechanics can quickly attach the 549i to pressure connections, allowing them to calculate all necessary parameters via the App. 

The 115i complements the 549i by enabling technicians to measure the flow and return temperature of heating systems. The instrument is actually a clamp that embraces whatever system components of which technicians need temperature readings.

With a measuring range of between -40 degrees Celsius and 150 degrees Celsius, the 115i covers all necessary bases.

Affordable and convenient

Testo’s Smart Tool Refrigeration Set represents the next stage of HVAC R workflow. Workers no longer have to manually log data in physical notebooks, interpret inaccurate readings from analogue gauges and bring expensive equipment to job sites.

The Smart Tools are lightweight and convenient to carry, but still provide all the functions HVAC R professionals look for capable instruments.

With the Refrigeration Set, professionals can conduct multi-point mean calculation, volume flow configuration and a wide list of other tasks. Easy to use and a cost-effective alternative to other instruments, there are numerous benefits to integrating the Smart Tools into your day-to-day operations. 

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