Tennant launches new industrial-strength walk-behind scrubbers

Tennant Australia & New Zealand announces the launch of their newest
family of automatic scrubbers. The new T600 and T600e models are industrial-strength
walk-behind scrubbers designed to deliver exceptional cleaning performance,
durability and long-term reliable service in commercial environments.

Featuring the latest in cleaning technology and innovation, the Tennant
T600 and T600e scrubbers deliver consistent, high-quality performance while
working even harder to meet the needs of today’s facility managers.

Tennant Australia and New Zealand General Manager Chad Angeli says, “The
5680/5700 line from Tennant has been providing customers from around the world
with a unique value proposition for over 20 years. In our industry, it has
unmatched cleaning, productivity, and durability benefits. Its versatility has
helped customers that span from retail stores, to industrial manufacturing
facilities. Now, the T600 takes what customers have always come to expect from
the 5680/5700, but moves forward with a new design that makes it easier to use
and gives customers an even stronger cleaning result.”

Key features and benefits of Tennant’s new T600 and T600e walk behind
scrubbers include increased versatility with the ability to clean virtually any
hard-floor surface using a wide range of cleaning heads, including an orbital
option; longer runtime thanks to the large-capacity 121 L solution tank and 140
L recovery tank allowing users to scrub longer between empty and fill cycles; simplified
operation with easy-to-understand controls featuring variable speed control
bail, propel toggle and speed setting all within easy reach for enhanced ease
of use; and easier maintenance with Smart-Fill automatic battery watering
system assuring virtually worry-free battery maintenance by eliminating the
task of checking, opening and filling flooded batteries.

Tennant’s newest automatic scrubbers also offer trusted durability with industrial-grade
construction featuring corrosion-resistant scrub deck and rustproof
polyethylene body and tanks able to withstand the toughest environments; and minimised
environmental impact with ec-H2O NanoClean technology electrically converting
water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively, saves money
and improves safety.

Tennant is the only company that has a listed Type EE battery-powered
floor cleaning machine for use in a number of special hazardous environments.

The T600 and T600e models will replace Tennant’s current 5700 series.

“We are extremely excited to launch the new T600 in Australia and New
Zealand. Tennant ANZ is committed to bring more new products and technologies
to the marketplace in the years ahead to help customers with solutions to their
cleaning and operational challenges.”

The T600 and T600e scrubbers are available now.
For more information, please visit the Tennant website or
call 1800 226 843. 

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