Tennant floor scrubbers draw interest at FoodPro 2017

Tennant Company showcased their range of floor scrubbers at the FoodPro
2017 exhibition in Sydney. The July exhibition was the perfect platform for
Tennant to introduce their floor scrubbers to delegates and visitors,
specifically their proprietary ec-H20 NanoClean technology and the compact T1 walk-behind
micro scrubber dryers.

ec-H20 NanoClean

The next generation detergent-free cleaning capabilities of ec-H20
NanoClean technology generated serious interest at FoodPro. Visitors to the
foodservice event were able to get a close look of the T300 walk-behind
scrubber along with the full range of 3M’s floor care consumables. Features
such as the single-pass efficiency and odour-free, residue-free, detergent-free
scrubbing impressed those present at the Tennant booth.

Designed to clean all types of floors including carpets, the scrubbers
can complete deep cleaning and drying in less than 30 minutes. Tennant’s floor
scrubbers featuring ec-H20 NanoClean technology are now being installed in
high-traffic commercial kitchens where greasy contaminants can present major
challenges for ordinary scrubbers.

T1 Walk-Behind Micro Scrubber

Tennant’s demonstration of the T1 micro scrubber
dryer drew several enquiries from visitors. Known for its compact size and
matchless manoeuvrability with Insta-Adjust handle and ergonomic grips, the
scrubber dryer helps create a more comfortable cleaning experience, providing a
thorough and effortless clean even in small, tight spaces that other scrubber dryers
simply can’t reach. The scrubber dryer’s optimal water recovery capabilities allow
floors to dry rapidly, minimising streaks and preventing slips and falls.

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