New Tork cleaning cloths with higher cleaning efficiency

Tork Australasia has introduced an upgraded version of their cleaning
cloths created using exelCLEAN technology for better cleaning efficiency and
higher productivity.

Tork produces these cleaning cloths using their patented endless fibre
technology, exelCLEAN, which increases the strength of the cloth, says Sid
Takla, Executive General Manager of Tork professional hygiene products. The resulting
uniform construction improves durability and cleaning performance.

Additionally, Tork cleaning cloths are supplied in new folded packs that
have been compressed to reduce storage space requirement by up to 26 percent,
further adding to efficiencies. Also, two packs can now be loaded at once into TorkW4
dispensers, reducing the frequency of refills.

In addition to offering higher cleaning performance, durability, and
storage and dispensing efficiencies, the Tork exelCLEAN range contributes to a
14 percent reduction in carbon footprint through packaging and process
improvements, helping users reduce their overall environmental impact. (Data supported
by an LCA verified by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute Ltd, 2016.)

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