Aussie’s new Monsoon 300 Super Scud with powerful electric drive

The latest in the Super Scud range of industrial pressure cleaners from Australian Pump Industries is a powerful stainless steel model, the Monsoon 300.

Setting a new benchmark for industrial pressure cleaners, Aussie Pumps’ new
3,000 psi stainless steel Super Scud features a powerful electric drive,
three-phase operation and a new ‘sharp free’ ergonomic stainless steel frame
fitted with four big ‘off-road’ style steel wheels and flat free tyres.

Aussie Pumps’ Chief Engineer, John Hales explains that the new Monsoon Super
Scud looks as good as it works, and works as good as it looks. The Monsoon Super
Scud was developed with features that ensure world class performance for these Aussie-built
machines; there’s no European equivalent that comes close in terms of
performance, quality, features or aesthetics. By eliminating sharp edges, the
Scud delivers a huge OH&S benefit too.

Key features of the Aussie Monsoon 300 Scud industrial pressure cleaners
include a 7.5kW three phase electric drive motor; 21LPM flow to suit industrial
applications requiring fast, continuous cleaning including wash bays and
machinery washdown; TTL series ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pump with ceramic
pistons, also incorporating a big ribbed crank case that ensures it stays cool
even in continuous run applications; and valve caps fitted with a new Bertolini
sealing system designed for higher pressure and longer working hours.

The power is provided by a heavy duty, IP55 rated, four pole TEFC
electric motor. The blaster is classified as Class A under the AS/NZS 4233.01
safety standards and therefore, does not require operator certification by an

Similar to all Aussie blasters, the Monsoon 300 Super Scud features an
ASP (Aussie Safety Protection) kit, which includes a thermal dump valve to
protect the machine from excessive bypass. An industrial on/off thermal protection
switch prevents overload of the motor and pressure spikes.

High quality accessories include a heavy duty gun/lance combination
providing the operator with complete control of the machine with a trigger lock
that improves comfort even during a long tedious job.

Australian Pump is the leading manufacturer of high
pressure water blasters in Australia.

Further information is available from Aussie Pumps’ website as well as Aussie
Pump distributors throughout Australia.

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