Xantrex XFR 2.8 kW DC power supply from TechRentals

Test and measurement specialist
TechRentals offers the Xantrex XFR 2.8 kW DC power supply on rental terms.

A programmable DC power supply
providing reliable power for research, production testing and development as
well as OEM applications, Xantrex XFR 2.8 kW offers excellent thermal
management, allowing units to be stacked in rack mounts without any ventilation
space required between them.

Key features of the XFR 2.8 kW DC
power supplies include voltage range 0 to 600 V; current range 0 to 4 A; zero
voltage ‘soft switching’ virtually eliminating switching transients for high
efficiency, reduced heat generation and decreased stress on the switching
transistors; remote sense with 5 V line loss compensation; and over voltage and
over temperature protection.

A wide range of test and measurement equipment
can be rented from TechRentals for a day, a month, a year or more.

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