Winmate’s stainless B Series panel PCs with push buttons

Backplane Systems Technology presents Winmate’s stainless B Series panel PCs with push buttons.

Available in sizes
ranging from 10.1″ to 21.5″, these panel PCs are designed to be factory
automation control terminals that improve production efficiency in applications
demanding high sanitary standards, especially in food, beverage, and chemical

The Windows-based
HMI supports the latest Windows operating system, and ships with Intel Celeron
Bay Trail-M N2930 processor to deliver high computing performance while
ensuring low power consumption.

Winmate’s stainless
B Series panel PCs feature SUS316 stainless steel housing to withstand harsh
chemicals without corroding over time. With full IP65 water and dust proof
compliance, the B Series survives overall splashing conditions.

The push buttons
bring control and indication directly to the work area, eliminating wasted
movement and increasing productivity. In addition, the physical buttons provide
an intuitive and quick way when it comes to critical tasks such as emergency

In terms of machine
integration, push button devices are easy to install and wire, and also simple
to understand the function and use. On an average, the wiring time is reduced by
over 60%, and the installation cost by more than 30%.

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