Why Inspections are Important More Than Ever

Inspections have long been the way that businesses and organisations have stayed on top of what matters. However, many across various industries are realising that inspections are important now more than they ever have been. In an age of growing adoption of Big Data and analytics as tools, businesses and organisations are choosing to rely on numbers for their decisions making. Where do they get such numbers? From accurate, defined and reliable inspections. Now that many businesses and organisations are dealing and recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the notion that inspections are important just became so much more central to organisational behaviour and its culture.

For many, reporting data points in an operation can seem like a tedious and pointless thing. Why make note of the fact that the equipment is working absolutely fine or why make note of the time taken to produce your daily product batch if it gets produced anyhow? Such questions are best answered by considering what goals and targets you have. If it is to either maintain market share or your business transactions at current levels or whether it’s to make gains in these areas, you will need to record these things. As competitors seek to gain an edge over competition, its equally vital to make such attempts yourself, even if just to stay in the game. Where businesses and organisations are today making such games is through a shift to upping efficiency. In order to do this, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to understand what you can improve which of course explains why inspections and data collection are important.

Today, the industry standard is to rely on paperless inspections; that is reporting based of a mobile device (smart phone or tablet). Using technology in the palm of an inspectors’ hand, you can scan barcodes/RFID, take pictures and annotate or make simple speech-to-text annotations. By utilising standardised response checklists, run on apps on Android or iOS and hosted via private servers or cloud-based systems (SaaS), the pen and paper are severely outgunned. No longer do inspections have to be a tedious compliance issue that employees loathe, but it can become a key factor in driving business growth, or how the actions of the workforce contribute to organisational efficiency. For inspectors and regular employees, there is the possibility to gain more understanding of how to minimise operational risk through best practice sharing. For management it gives numbers that can be actioned upon, either directly or after it has been put against the historical catalogue of reports of that type stored in the system. This means that a managers and other stakeholders can pull up records and comparisons from his laptop or mobile on the way to a meeting within a few seconds, rather than calling the right personnel to get to that storage facility, sift through all the documents and then make a legible and understandable comparison.

There are many benefits of shifting to paperless, but the true value of realising that inspections are important now more than ever is found through how it can merge with your ERP system. Inspections are important, but they can only work with and for you if you have the right approach. For this reason, it is vital to choose a solution provider that will know how to maximise the return of investment by going into paperless inspections solution

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