Why a radiant heater is better than an air heater for large spaces

If you are in the market for a heating system for your garage, gym,
warehouse or any other big space facility, it’s important to understand and
select the most appropriate heater for your application.

The choice of heater primarily depends on the dimensions of the space
you need to heat up. Air heating, for instance, is effective in small closed
spaces such as a bedroom or a small meeting room. This is because the air
heater warms the air circulating in the space.

Air heating in a big space will not only consume more time and energy,
but will not be effective enough to warm up the air.

Radiant heaters on the other hand, are effective in any space as they
emit heat quite like the sun. By directing the heat to the objects underneath
and not the air around, a radiant heater warms up the many objects in a large
space as well as its occupants almost instantly. This saves significantly on
both energy and cost when compared to an air heating alternative.

Radiant heaters are, therefore, more effective in heating people and
objects faster; sustaining room temperature with more stability; and achieving cost

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