Wenglor weCat3D sensors for 3-dimensional object measurement

Treotham introduces the new Wenglor weCat3D sensors designed to accurately
scan, measure and evaluate 3D objects.

Many industries including food processing, machinery manufacturing,
electronics, woodworking, automotive and pharmaceutical production rely on
accurate measurement of 3D objects; the 2D/3D sensors from Wenglor are already delivering
outstanding performance in these industries.

The profile data collected by Wenglor weCat3D sensors can either be read
out directly as measured values or be used for further rapid processing of the
point cloud. Working with a visual field within a range of 20 to 1300 mm in the
horizontal X-axis, the high performance sensor is capable of detecting
differences in height of just 2.0 µm within the Z working range, at a rate of
3.6 to 12 million measuring points per second.

The weCat3D sensor is available in four laser classes (1, 2M, 3R, 3B)
and two selectable types of light (red, blue) resulting in a diverse product
portfolio of more than 70 models.

Some of the advantages of Wenglor weCat3D sensors
include extremely high resolution allowing detection of extremely small
components in the micron range; special algorithms enabling the sensors to
generate powerful measuring signals and high quality profile data, even
reliably detecting glossy, reflective surfaces such as metals; and extremely
high dynamic range providing the assurance that objects are precisely measured.

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