Wastewater pump successful at abattoir

Hydro Innovations recommended a Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B self priming
wastewater pump to a customer who was facing reliability problems with their
existing helical rotor pump in a cattle yard run-off application.

Having to deal with large suspended solids in the fluid, the pump often
choked, resulting in expensive repairs for Hydro Innovations’ abattoir customer.
Additionally, the pump was delivering 20 litres per second at a pressure of
800kPa and was on a suction lift in excess of 5 metres.

Following a site inspection and a hydraulic analysis of the system,
Hydro Innovations suggested the Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B pump to the customer. The only
two stage self priming solids handling centrifugal pump on the market, the Gorman-Rupp
VS3A60-B features cast iron construction with a large inspection cover to allow
easy access to pump internals for inspection or service.

Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B self priming centrifugal pumps offer the capability
to handle spherical solids up to 63mm in diameter, while internal clearance
adjustments are accomplished in minutes, allowing operators to keep the pump at
peak operating efficiency for the life of the asset.

The VS3A60-B is part of a family of high performance, high head self
priming wastewater pumps from Gorman-Rupp that can deliver flows from 10 l/s
through to 120 l/s, and heads to 95 metres. Key features also include replaceable
self-cleaning wear plates to assist with handling stringy materials such as
rags and gloves; ability to operate on suction lifts up to 7.6 metres; and greater
safety than submersible pumps during maintenance since operators needn’t work
over water or work with cranes or heavy swinging weights.

The Gorman-Rupp VS3A60-B self priming centrifugal pump has been
functioning at the abattoir with minimal operator intervention for the past six

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