WA alumina refinery installs DUAL’s high pressure knife gate valves

High pressure knife gate valve sleeves from Dual Valves Australasia
(DVA) were used to replace OEM rated sleeves recently at an alumina refinery in
Western Australia.

The WA alumina refinery replaced a number of their 21 Bar rated OEM push-through
style knife gate valve sleeves with sleeves from DUAL’s high pressure knife gate
valves following comprehensive site trials that reported a tenfold increase in
lifespan to date when using DUAL’s DHPSKG sleeves.

According to Justin Mirto of Dual Valves Australasia, the client’s 21
Bar rated OEM knife gate valves were consistently failing after only four weeks
in operation in the worst reported applications. The refinery then decided to extensively
trial a number of their knife gate valves retrofitted with DUAL’s DHPSKG
sleeves after DVA confirmed their suitability and dimensional fit.

An initial set of four valves was retrofitted with DUAL’s DHPSKG sleeves,
and installed in specific areas where the OEM sleeves were consistently failing
after only four weeks in operation. Reports from the client indicated the trial
valves performed well for over 12 months.

Encouraged by the performance of the sleeves, the refinery embarked on a
program to refurbish all the OEM valves with DUAL’s DHPSKG sleeves as and when they
failed in an ongoing exercise. The refinery has a reliable stock of rebuilt
valves sitting in their stores awaiting deployment.

Listing out the benefits, Justin Mirto said that the factory has gained
from lower ownership costs; reduced downtime; and higher morale among the maintenance

He adds that DUAL’s longstanding philosophy of offering customers high
performance with excellent value has certainly paid off for this client; DUAL expects
to see more end-users challenge the reliability and performance of their
existing OEM push-through style high pressure knife gate valves as similar reports
gradually filter through the industry.

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