Vibration Solutions releases rugged Marine type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts

Vibration Solutions presents Marine type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts featuring
rugged architecture for use in mobile applications.

The rugged Marine type AMC-Mecanocaucho anti vibration mounts are
specially designed to offer different stiffness levels on the three axes: the
mounts provide high vertical elasticity, excellent longitudinal stiffness and
optimal lateral stiffness to deliver extra isolation.

Technical characteristics

Key features of the Marine type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts include top part
of the hood cross-stamped to improve stiffness in mobile applications as well
as promote quick evacuation of oils or liquid splashing onto it; anticorrosive
treatment on metal parts to suit outdoor applications; RoHS compliance; bases
engraved with type and hardness for clear identification of the mounts; and interlocking
metal component providing failsafe protection for mobile applications by limiting
ascending vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shocks at

The top part of the hood protects the elastomer inside from possible dripping
oil, diesel, ozone and ultraviolet emissions that may potentially damage the
rubber. The different stiffness levels for each axis offer major flexibility in
the direction perpendicular to the crankshaft/shaft of the motor, providing greater
effective isolation from vibrations of all types of engines.


Marine type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts find application in mobile rotating
machines requiring high isolation capacity from vibrations and noises. These
machines include pumps, marine-land units, mobile electrical panels, industrial
vehicles, compressors, ventilators, and marine propellers.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho technical department can be
consulted for marine engine applications.

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