Vibration Solutions releases AMC-Mecanocaucho FZ mounts featuring Sylomer PU compounds

Vibration Solutions presents the AMC-Mecanocaucho FZ mounts featuring high
resiliency Sylomer polyurethane compounds.

The new FZ mount consists of two metal parts surrounded by the elastic
compound. The mount is fixed to the frame using the four holes in the exterior
metallic armour. The interior metal part consists of a machined metal ring that
transfers the traction and compression loads to the elastomer. This machined
metal ring has a wider diameter than the exterior metal armour acting as a failsafe

Technical characteristics

Key features of the AMC-Mecanocaucho FZ mounts include interlocking
metal components providing failsafe protection for mobile applications; device
limiting ascending vertical movement when the mounting is submitted to shocks
at traction; robust metal parts suitable for off-road applications; anticorrosive
treatment provided on metal parts for outdoor applications; Sylomer
polyurethane compound showing oil resistance; and operating temperature range
of -30¡C to +70¡C.


Primarily designed for mobile applications, the AMC-Mecanocaucho FZ
mounts are often used for the isolation of sensitive equipment installed on
vehicles and exposed to shocks.

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