Vibrabsorber VSH anti-seismic spring mounts for failsafe performance

Vibration Solutions introduces Vibrabsorber VSH anti seismic spring
mounts from AMC-Mecanocaucho, capable of achieving natural frequencies up to 2 Hz.

The Vibrabsorber VSH is a range of failsafe anti vibration mounts
capable of withstanding traction and compression dynamic forces, and offering
extremely low stiffness for a range of loads between 50kg and 4000kg. Reinforced
metal parts allow the VSH anti-seismic mounts to withstand shocks produced by
seismic events.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho type VSH anti-seismic mounts are ideal for
stationary applications where a high isolation degree is required for low
disturbing frequencies (600 to 1000 rpm). These anti vibration mounts are
specifically designed to provide greater deflection compared to AMC-Mecanocaucho’s
standard anti-seismic spring mounts.

Vibrabsorber VSH anti-seismic spring mounts are composed of interlocking
metal parts featuring a rubber buffer to avoid metal-to-metal contact when high
shear loads occur, allowing lateral stability to the suspended element. These
lateral metal parts have been calculated to withstand lateral high forces that
may occur in seismic events, allowing the anti vibration mounts to resist
without rupture. The mounts can be supplied with a Sylomer layer under the
metal part, enabling filtering of high frequency vibrations that could go
through the coil springs, providing the VSH anti-seismic anti-vibration mount a
higher degree of vibration isolation.

AMC-Mecanocaucho VSH anti-seismic anti-vibration mounts are manufactured
using several types of springs to suit loads from 50kg to 4000kg load per
mount. The metal parts are epoxy coated to withstand harsh corrosive environments.

The AMC-Mecanocaucho VSH anti-seismic mounts are
used in stationary applications where the disturbing frequency is low and high
vibration isolation and lateral stability are required. These include generator
sets, HVAC equipment, pumps or ventilators.

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