Vector Lifting designs new conveyor take up winches with additional safety features

Vector Lifting has introduced a new range of conveyor take up winches
incorporating several additional safety features to ensure simple installation
and operation onsite.

The additional safety features in the new conveyor take up winches
include: ratchet and pawl for engaged and disengaged limit with interlocking; pawl
fitted with a shear pin; shredder cover and pitch cover design to protect winch
and control panel from falling objects; cam limit switch for setting up and
lowering limits; rope overlay limit to prevent doubling up of the rope during hoisting;
lifting eyes to assist with transport and installation of winches; stainless steel
components to prevent corrosion; final up limit to protect winch and structure;
all functions interlocked to prevent incorrect operation; winch frame to house
all electrical cabling, preventing damage and entanglement; transport frames to
assist with transporting the winches as a whole unit; and load cells to prevent
overloading of the winch.

Vector Lifting’s take up winches have been designed to perform all tasks
with safety in mind. The equipment is designed and manufactured by Vector Lifting
to applicable Australian Standards, including AS4024.2014 ‘Safety of
Machinery’. This standard is used as the basis for Design Risk Assessment when redeveloping
existing products or designing new products. The risk assessment is established
and periodically reviewed throughout both the design and manufacturing stages to
minimise risk to the health and safety of people associated with the machine,
ensuring safe installation and operation.

The new conveyor take-up winches have been developed by Vector Lifting with
particular consideration to ensuring simple and safe operation as well as designing
a robust and efficient product that satisfies the requirements of the equipment’s
specific duty and the environment in which it is operated.

A brief summary is provided below, listing the major areas of winch
design considered in past AS4024 Risk Assessments. Each new product is
reassessed to ensure that the conditions and requirements of the new site and
operating environment are considered and all client-specific prerequisites

Design of Controls, Guarding and Interlocks are critical areas in the
interaction between operators and winches in order to provide safe and
efficient equipment.

Key features that have been included in the winch design through risk
assessments and design workshops include rope overlay detection; winch drum
guarding with mesh screen inspection points; electrical overloads, phase
rotation indication and phase failure relays; final up limit; emergency stop
button; hold to run controls; placement of rotating and moving components in
relation to personnel control and access points; and clear warning and
instruction signage positioned on the winch.

Relevant standards used: AS1418, AS1554, AS1710, AS3000, AS3008, AS3569,
AS4024, ISO 9001:2008.

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