Utility Inspection using Paperless Applications

Whilst the utility sector expands and
modernises to adapt to the demands of an increasing population and an
environmentally aware society, it’s important that industry has that chance to
reform too. With many businesses also choosing to move their operations
digital, it’s even more fundamental to be on top of your organisation’s utility
usage. Utility inspection should be a mainstay of any business inspection
without impeding on your normal day-to-day activities.

As a utility provider or user, there are numerous
critical compliance issues to conform to whether this be in the form of your
electrical or gas safety in a building or dealing with the connection to
potentially thousands of pieces of equipment, services and products. From this
compliance nightmare there are several questions that arise such as which
standard is appropriate for which equipment, what must I do to maintain
compliance, is this location/product safe, and are my fellow colleagues at risk
at the workplace? Etc. The top way to solve such compliance issues and
confusion is to integrate a dynamic and universal inspection solution across
your business. Whilst you may already undertake occupational health &
safety (OHS) inspection, JSA, SWMS, or pre-start checks for your equipment and
processes, integrating utility inspection is equally as important. Without
changing your existing digital inspection method, utility inspection can be
added onto separate checklists that already incorporate electrical or gas
safety aspects or serve as a stand-alone inspection report. Incorporating
utility inspection in either way will ensure there are no questions left
unanswered as all documentation is secured and stored digitally against
historical records. It becomes easier to identify and distinguish between products
or assets on your network, work site or in the field, using technology like
RFID or barcodes, whilst real time usage can be integrated into the reporting

There are also utility inspection benefits
for management. Safety and compliance paperless checklists built into the
inspection application become part of your reports, and since they are directly
targeting certain compliance, the audit trail becomes highly simplified to
manage. There are also other features such as cradle to grave tracking for all
assets which can monitor their drain on resources such as electricity or gas,
further validating their return on interest (ROI) analysis. Utility inspection
can also provide management a further level of analysis as reports can indicate
which methods, assets or even employees are the most efficient way of
completing certain jobs or tasks. As every report is categorised against an
asset or inspection type, it becomes easier to follow data and performance over
time, making it simple to monitor the effect that strategy changes have on
every aspect of the business.

Just by managing utility inspection within
your business, there can be drastic improvements in your productivity. Digital
utility inspection can mean simply monitoring the output versus input of
resources, or it can be used to gain a deeper understanding of what is going on
within your business behind the scenes.

For more information on the powers of
digital and how paperless applications can be used to transform the way you use
data, visit Pervidi.com.au

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