Utah array for multichannel high density neural recording

Scitech introduces the Utah array by Blackrock Microsystems, the
industry benchmark for recording large populations of neurons.

Ideal for electrical recording and stimulation of the motor cortex,
sensory cortex, spinal cord and peripheral nerve fibres in a variety of species
including humans, monkeys, birds, rodents, felines and fish, the Utah array can
be wired to various connector types.

This allows researchers to choose a connector that is optimal for
chronic or acute readings from small to large subjects as well as from slice or
cell culture preparations.

Key features and benefits of Utah array include high-density,
multichannel configuration; up to 128 electrodes in various configurations; customisable
designs in terms of pitch, length and passthroughs; high-quality neural
recordings accessible immediately after implantation; floating neural interface;
sterilisable product; excellent stability in acute and chronic applications;
and micro-stimulation-capable.

Utah array selection guide options are ICS-96 array (acute: small or
large animal, slice); CerePort array (chronic: large animal); and Omnetics
array (acute: small or large animal, slice).

Please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au for more information or call 03 9480 4999. 

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