Urethane Coatings launches Beton concrete coatings range

Era Polymers announces the launch of a new concrete floor coatings range
from Urethane Coatings.

The new Beton concrete floor coatings range includes Spartan Coat 100, Betonthane
UV 40, Conpatch, BetonKote UV Gloss 1K, and Concrete & Paving Gloss.

Spartan Coat 100

A highly durable 2 component aliphatic topcoat for concrete surfaces, Spartan
Coat 100 is recommended for factory floors, car parks, garages, driveways and
shopping centres.

Betonthane UV 40

A single component aliphatic polyurethane concrete coating, Betonthane
UV 40, when cured, produces a high gloss, tough and hardwearing film with
excellent resistance to yellowing. The floor coating is ideal for garages,
factory floors and driveways.


A 2 part crack and spall repair system for concrete, Conpatch has ultra-low
viscosity, allowing it to penetrate deep into the cracks of concrete surfaces for
excellent adhesion and added strength, resulting in quality long-lasting

BetonKote UV Gloss 1K

A new generation single component water borne polyurethane coating, BetonKote
UV Gloss 1K delivers a polyurethane gloss film finish, providing extremely
hardwearing and long-lasting protection to concrete floors.

Concrete & Paving Gloss

A clear single component high solids acrylic sealer, Concrete &
Paving Gloss combines a high gloss finish with excellent resistance to
weathering to enhance, protect and create long-lasting concrete floors. A tinter
range will be available soon to add colour to concrete surfaces and create
beautiful floors. 

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