Bestech Australia announces the release of the new ultra fast miniature pressure transmitters, the M8cool HB. These transmitters are optimised with M8 pressure connector which enables measurement of both dynamic and static pressure within 0 to 50 kHz dynamic range . The sensor is designed in such a way that it exhibits an excellent media compa­tibility which support measurements carried out at high temperature with appropriate cooling.

The M8Cool HB miniature pressure transmitter features an analog signal path that is readjusted in real time using a high-precision digital compensation circuit. This is to maintain the full dynamic range of the sensor and the accuracy of the measurement signal across 0-50 kHz bandwidth. The dynamic range of 0-50 kHz exhibited by the series is supported by practically-flush connection to the measurement media.

It also features a stable silicon sensor backside-soldered to a supporting element that makes it an excellent choice in fluid dynamics. The micro mechanical design featured by the series delivers an absolute measuring ranges of 3, 10 and 30 bar and overpressure protection of up to 5 times measuring range, while effectively isolating the mounting forces.

The pressure transmitters are ideal for applications where pressure measurement is required in high temperature and hostile environments such as engine test benches due to their broad operating temperature ranges. The sensor is insensitive to shock and vibrations and can withstand temperature up to 200¡C with up to 1000¡C cooling. The unit is also provided with Teflon FEP cable with IP67 ferrule that are extremely fitted for use in test benches.

For more information,
please visit Bestech Australia website at www.bestech.com.au or call (+61)3 9540 5100.”

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