Two new industrial Ethernet cables for Industry 4.0

Lapp Group announces
the addition of two high-speed industrial Ethernet cables to their ETHERLINE
portfolio. The introduction of the two Ethernet cables will support the secure
and quick transfer of high volumes of data from one device to another in
industrial environments.

With transfer speeds
of 10 GBit/s in a frequency range of up to 600 MHz, both industrial Ethernet
cables will find application in machinery and robotics, where large volumes of
data from sensors or high-resolution cameras are common. Both cables have a
robust and halogen-free PUR sheath.

ETHERLINE Torsion Cat.7
is the first ever torsion resistant and PROFINET-compliant Cat.7 cable. It can
be twisted by 180¡ in both directions along a length of 1m, at least 5 million
times. The easy to assemble cable does not have any filler, with the cores only
held in place with a polyethylene cross separator.

is suitable for well-stocked control cabinets with tight spaces. Thanks to
narrow core cross-sections, the flexible cable has an outer diameter of just
6.4mm and a bending radius of four times the outer diameter. It can be laid
next to cables with up to 1000 V, or without mechanical protection such as

For more information, please visit Treotham
Automation website,
or call 02 9907 1788.

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