Two controls in one unit with the Hand Control HD80

Imagine having two levels of control in one unit with a built-in magnet locking function. Add to that, a high level of customisation and LED lights for indication of status. The result; An intuitive and value-adding control unit that adds safety, comfort and efficiency to your healthcare application. 

We give you the Hand Control HD80.

Two levels of control could, for example, be patient mode and care mode. The first allowing the patient to control movements in the application to experience the highest possible level of comfort and safety and the latter allowing for the staff to lock functions, with the magnet lock, based on the patients individual need. 

In healthcare beds, the HD80 adds safety through the locking function and a clear overview of function status. More efficient work processes are secured by having just one control instead of two, including a clear overview of status with the LED lights. 

For couches, tables and chairs for treatment and examination, the HD80 offers added comfort and efficiency, simply by allowing patients or staff to control multiple functions in one control. You can, for example, control both application movement and massage settings such as patterns and intensity, intensity indicated in the diodes next to the buttons. 

Your creativity sets the limits of how you can use this hand control. It is designed to work with LINAK OpenBus systems. 

The Hand control HD80 is yet another innovative product that helps usCare for Tomorrow Today.

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