Turck’s new M08 proximity sensors with extended sensing

Turck Australia presents their latest range of inductive proximi­ty
sensors featuring an extended sensing range.

Turck’s new range of 8mm barrel inductive proximi­ty sensors features an
increased sensing range of up to 50 percent, thanks to the evolving technology
of ferrite core sensors. Flush mounted solutions can now be offered with an
extended sensing range of 3mm as well as with the conventional sensing range of
2mm. Similarly, non-flush sensors are available with a 3mm or 5mm sensing

The newly developed sensor electronics also allows Turck to produce
devices with an ultra-short 15mm design.

The modular development approach of the sensor series has resulted in a
broad range of variants that allows users to find the ideal 8mm barrel sensor
for their application. The sensors are available in 15, 22, 30 and 40 mm
lengths. On the connectivity side, Turck is offering M8 or M12 connectors as
well as sensors with a cable outlet, which in turn can be ordered with a 3- or
4-wire connec­tion as NC or changeover contacts.

The sensors with a cable outlet are provided with a cable suitable for
E-chain use, and a semi-transparent LED ring at the sensor end, which shows the
sensing state from any viewing angle. The sensors are IP67 rated, and have an
operating tempera­ture range of -25¡C to +70¡C.

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