Turck’s IP67 controller with Cloud connection simplifying maintenance

Turck Australia introduces a new IP67 controller for industrial applications,
connected directly to its Cloud platform for straightforward machine control
and maintenance.

Turck’s TBEN-L PLC not only offers an onboard CODESYS PLC but also
enables a cloud connection and communication with different Ethernet protocols
at the same time, thanks to its multiprotocol technology. The new Dual MAC mode
enables the robust module to establish a connection to the automation network
via one port and a securely separated internet connection to the cloud via the
second port. Alternatively, if an internet connection to the cloud is not
required, communication in two Ethernet networks is possible, for example, as a
Profinet device as well as as a Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP master.

By connecting at the machine directly to Turck’s Cloud Solutions, the
IP67 controller not only eliminates the need for additional edge gateways but
also considerably simplifies project design for the user. This makes it
possible to implement decentralised and network concepts with a minimum of
installation effort and expenditure. Compared to applications with a separate
edge gateway, the programming of this kind of solution with an integrated cloud
connection saves considerable resources since no interfaces for data exchange
are required.

Simple access to machine data in the cloud from any PC or mobile device
worldwide simplifies fault diagnostics and maintenance as well as condition
monitoring for preventative maintenance. The cloud interface supplies a clear
presentation of the states of sensors and other machine data in a browser
application. These dashboards can be created by the user without any
programming knowledge. Limit values such as temperature, pressure or vibration
can be set easily and actions for limit violations defined. If necessary, the
Turck Cloud can send an SMS or email directly to the user.

Please visit the Turck website for further information. 

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